New-Token Checklist

This is a quick check-list for what you want to look for in a viable new token launch before purchasing.

Is deployer wallet CEX funded, or by another non-suspicious wallet?

Is contract verified?

Are the links (if any) legit/not stolen?

If trading is live, are there MANY buys/sells? Especially if the pair is 20+ minutes old. 50-100 transactions, 15+ sales minimum ideally.

Is liquidity locked? For how long?

Is the contract renounced?

Is the holder distribution healthy?

Using Consortium's custom alerts to quickly assess token safety is easy. The below image is an example of how we can recognize a bad token from one of those alerts.

As you can see, this is a verified contract with locked liquidity, but still fails the initial test. A general rule of thumb to remember is Pinksale liquiditiy locks are basically guaranteed to be a rug, so it is generally good practice to avoid those. Team finance is the best, and Unicrypt is second to that. Last is burned liquidity, but a lot of these tend to be rugs too. Still better than Pinksale (everything is, basically never buy pinksale). It is also good to confirm that the liquidity lock duration is greater than 30 days. Any longer than 60 days could be suspicious, especially if 6 months -> 1 year lock. When something locks for that long, I tend to think they're only so confident locking for that duration because they know they can/will rug me some other way