New Coins

Consortium's New Coins channel shows all new token pairs deployed on the ETH network - the tokens in this channel are mostly pre-launch (unless deployers bundle pair creation with trading open)

Consortium provides alerts for each moment in a token's lifecycle; the first of which is our New Coin channel. When a new pair is deployed on ETH, a notification like the following is sent:

From this alert, you can begin to glean information about a token pre-launch, to help decide if that is a pair you would like to buy after launch, or even snipe the launch. If it looks good, you can even use Phoebe to configure a snipe on the pair as soon as it launches, or wait for it to hit Trading Open and buy after!

If the contract is verified, links and details from there will be under the "description" tab. If the token deployer wallet is connected somehow to another token/contract, that will show under the "contracts" section - letting you see if their past projects are legitimate or not.