đŸŽŗAuto Entry

Consortium offers the most advanced auto-entry bot in existence, this outlines it's details - Right now it is only available in Discord

Pan is an auto-entry bot, which is completely different than a standard token sniper. Standard token snipers will automatically purchase many/most tokens in their first block of liquidity - this is wildly inaccurate and leaves very little control for the user to help increase their hit rate. Pan doesn't suffer from this problem, because every piece of Pan is fully customizable.

Pan operates based on user-defined filters, that allow you to decide when you want Pan to automatically ape a coin. You could have it ape at trading open, or you could even have it wait to lock liquidity for a certain duration, or from a certain lock provider. You can customize required amount of purchases, sales, taxes, verification status, and much much more

Here is a video for understanding the principals of using Pan and how it can be configured:

Current Pan filter options:

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