🏂New TG Users

Consortium is extremely easy to setup and use - this page quickly outlines the basic steps, are more detailed instructions can be found further in the docs.

We support ETH, SOL, ARB, BSC, Base, Blast, AVAX, Polygon, Linea, Optimism, FTM, Degen Chain, Shibarium & more to come - all in one bot. To get started with a quick configuration read below:

Simple Setup:

  1. Join the bot channel https://t.me/ConsortiumKeyBot and type /start

  2. Follow the Onboarding Instructions from our bot to setup a Wallet and Profile

  3. Go to settings -> profiles, and edit your default Profile to have the settings you want to transact with (create multiple profiles to switch between your preset Profiles settings/Networks when transacting)

  4. Paste a contract into the bot from any of our supported chains (ETH, SOL, Base, Arb, BSC, FTM, AVAX, Polygon, Linea, Optimism, Blast, Degenchain & Shibarium) & enjoy trading with the most flexible suite around!

For full setup instructions, watch the below video and/or check out the following pages:

🛠ī¸Bot Setup↔ī¸Trading & Managing Positions⛓ī¸Cross-Chain Trading📈Limit OrdersđŸŽ¯SnipingđŸĒžCopy Trading / Mimic

Elite-Tier Membership Details:

Consortium's Elite tier unlocks the highest tier of membership and tool access available - signing up for it is extremely easy. Elite is .25e/mo.

The first level is simply joining and using our tools for free! This gives you limited access to our swaps, limit orders, wallet copy-trading, token simulations, commands, & more!

The highest tier of access is the Elite tier subscription, which is .25e/mo or 2.5e/yr - Elite offers many additional features & 50% off trading fees (.5% total)! As Elite you get unlimited limit orders, unlimited wallets, unlimited snipes & much more.

Subscribe to Elite-Tier:

  1. Head to the bot in telegram and click "Settings" (make sure you have a wallet attached to the bot with enough ETH to afford it)

  2. From the Settings Dashboard, click "Settings" again

  3. Select "Go Elite", and then click "yes" - the ETH will be taken from your available wallets.

You can manage your Elite Subscription from the same settings menu, check it's expiration, and enable/disable auto-renewal of the Subscription.

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