Elite Phoebe users can have an unlimited amount of wallets that can be used congruently to trade tokens across many wallets, just as easy as with only one!

Multiwallet Telegram Setup:

You must be Elite to utilize multiple wallets on one Profile! Multiwallets work on ALL our supported networks/chains.

Configuring multi-wallet setup with Consortium is quick and easy ! You can simply generate more wallets to use from within the Consortium bot, or you can generate extra wallets manually through mm, load them with eth, and provide the private key(s) to the bot.

  1. When your wallets are made/loaded with eth, make sure to enable them from the "wallets" menu in the Consortium bot (enabled wallets will have a green circle next to them)

  2. From there, go to your Profiles and create or edit whatever profile(s) you want to have whatever wallet configurations you want! Simply click "wallets" in the profile, and add as many as you want to each

(Since you can have Unlimited profiles, you can have some with 1 wallet, some with 2, some with 3, or any combination you want! Different groupings of wallets, different gas, slippage, etc!)

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