👑Advanced Elite Features

Consortium's highest membership tier, Elite, comes with a huge variety of advanced discounted tooling, for the most advanced traders

Consortium's Elite membership costs .25e/mo, or 2.5e per year. It can be accessed right through Consortiums bot. It provides discounted trading fees (.5% total, regardless of if you're sniping or manually trading), as well as a suite of highly advanced tooling.

Elite membership also removes all limits on Consortium's features. Where normal users have limits to the amount of profiles, snipes, mimic targets, limit orders, etc. they can have, Elite can have unlimited of all of those!

Elites can also utilize multiple wallets at once when transacting with their Profiles! And with no limit on the amount of Profiles Elites can have, this means you can make many different Profiles each with different groupings of wallets, settings, etc as you please!

Become Elite:

  • Simply join our discord, head to the Phoebe Trading channel, click setup, and click "Become Elite"!

Learn more about each of Consortium's Elite-Tier Features:

For more detailed setup information, head to one of the following pages:

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