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Starting Principles

These are a few general rules-of-thumb for trading shitcoins that I will outline before we begin digging into trading specifics.
You will lose money before you make it, guaranteed. Consider money you lose as your tuition fee for learning. Most shitcoins are rugs, and even of those that aren't, most fail anyways. Trading shitcoins is finding the few moons that offset all the losses you will see.
Only invest what you're willing to lose, ACTUALLY. The second you spend money on a shitcoin , consider that money completely gone, seriously. If you ever get it back, let alone in a profit, consider yourself lucky. Every cent spent on shitcoins is pure gambling 100% and needs to be money you aren’t dependant on in any way. When you buy, you’ve already lost. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
If you’re feeling nervous about the amount you have in a token, then you are over-invested, and/or using money you shouldn’t for shitcoins. Scale out, take a breath, and remember you need to consider your ETH gone the second you buy a shitcoin.
Don’t fomo, DCA: Its easy to miss a coin super early and fomo buy the top. And if you're dumb enough to buy top, be smart enough to buy the bottom. Plan to DCA on a coin that’s run away from you. Open a position at the top with 50% of what you want to allocate, and wait for a dip to ape the rest; if the dip never comes, no worries you have an entry already and can DCA up. If it goes down, awesome - now you can execute your average down and exit sooner in profit.
A little goes a long way, don’t over-invest: Many early shitcoiners will throw .1-.2eth at every play. This is a recipe for disaster. Even .03eth in the right coin at the right time can bag you thousands of dollars. Better to have more shots than bigger bullets. Once you’ve confirmed your bags/buys, then it can be safer to add to/grow a position. I tend to do a little into most seemingly legit coins. A good rule of thumb is to stay proportional to the market cap. .05eth at a 50k coin is 1eth if it hits $1M market cap. .03 into a 30k coin same, etc etc.
Liquidity to Market Cap ratio: Important relationship to pay attention too. The lower the liquidity something has, with a higher market cap, the easier it is to pump or dump. Higher mc to liq relationship makes it a more stable trading pair. Most coins have a ratio of 1:10 liquidity to market cap. So a $1M mc token will often have ~$100k liquidity.
Going up is much harder than going down: It’s really fucking hard for a shitcoin that has pumped to 450k market cap to go 2x to 900k market cap. But its super fucking easy for that same coin to drop down to 100k market cap or less. Take profit on your winners, don’t hold out waiting for a moon to 2x again.
Missed money is better than lost money: Realize profits, take your initials out early, and ride moonbags. Don’t leave your balls out to get kicked (or anything else for that matter).
Semi-Consistent volume: Sustained volume is ideal, at least to some degree. Of course this doesn’t always apply, but if volume is falling off some, it might be a good indicator we will see some sells come in, especially with newer tokens.
Don’t spread yourself too thin: Focusing on 3-5 coins tops is the way. If you spread yourself too thin across too many tokens, the one winner wont be enough to offset the losers. Focus on a few coins at a time.
Sometimes wipe the slate: Shitcoins have a short life-cycle. Most don't make it past a few days. It can be good every few days to wipe the slate, sell most of the bags, and start hunting for fresh ones again. (leaving moonbags in the coins you're big on is helpful).
Use a fresh wallet for shitcoins; it will keep you organized and safe. Standard ERC20 tokens can’t really hurt you though from purchasing/trading on Uniswap.