đŸĒžCopy Trading / Mimic

Consortium provides the ability to copy trade any wallet on ETH, with a variety of variables you can edit for your targets. Free users can mimic 3 wallets, & Elites unlimited.

Discord Mimic Configuration

To setup Mimic, navigate to the "phoebe-trading" channel in our Discord. Go to setup -> Mimic Setup, click the dropdown and "Add Mimic Target" and input the wallet you would like to follow. Save that and click "back to mimic setup". Select the target from the dropdown menu to get the rest of the configurable settings like in the below screenshot:

  • "Enable Multiple Buys" - DCA setting. If enabled, it will mimic when the target wallet adds to their position. Disabled, and it will not mimic subsequent buys after the first

  • "Enable Variable Buy" - Disabled and mimic will use your default Phoebe purchase amount. Enabling this and setting a % will mimic the amount of eth mimic'd wallets use to purchase. eg. 100% will ape the same amount in eth terms as the wallet you track. 50% will ape half their size, etc.

  • "Enable Sell" - when enabled, will also mimic when wallets sell. Disabled and it will not auto sell.

  • "Enable Variable Sell" - Just like variable buy in its function, but for the sale side. Can adjust what % you want to sell with the mimic'd wallet

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