📚Token Research

Consortium offers a range of research options to investigate ETH tokens you're interested in trading, this page outlines them.

Researching ETH token holders, simulating their ability to sell, and getting information about the deployer, funding, previous contracts, etc. is extremely easy:

  1. Paste a token contract or select it from your Tokens Dashboard and click "Examine"

  2. Select Deployer, Holders, Or Sim to see information about the token

    1. Deployer: This will show you info about the deployer, the lock/burn status of the token, any previous contracts connected to the deployer, and the funding source for them.

    2. Holders: This shows you information about the top holders quantities of the tokens, as well as provides you an at-a-glance view of the types of wallets holding the token (whales, fatty wallets, etc). It also shows you information about if wallets have received tokens from the deployer, airdrop, or another type of transfer

    3. Sim: This will run a custom simulation of current holder's ability to transact the token, as well as give you the most accurate readout of tax information possible. If people have been drained of tokens, if there have been mints, or if people have been blacklisted you can see that here.

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