Next to using our custom alerts for assessing tokens, it is also good to be familiarized with DexScreeners Live Pairs. This, used in conjunction with our alerts, is a very valuable tool.

By applying even just a few filters to DexScreeners Live Pairs, we can cut a lot of the scam/rug tokens out of our view so we never have to see them or waste time investigating them. These settings alone will help cut out some of the noise:

$2000 liquidity Minimum

3 buys minimum in 24 hours

4 sells minimum in 24 hours

$1000 volume in 24 hours

By applying those filters, you will cut out many scam contracts from the results you are seeing in live pairs. I like to sort by the newest pair at the top, so every fresh token is instantly visible.

The threshold of 4 sales is tricky, I set it low like that so that really new legit coins can still be seen early before it moons. That being said, if a token is 10 minutes+ with 4 sales or less, it’s almost guaranteed to be a rug; so generally avoid those too. It is also important to check that the sales you see have come from different wallets, not just a few of the same selling to make it look normal.