🏂New Discord Users

Consortium is extremely easy to setup and use - this page quickly outlines the basic steps, are more detailed instructions can be found further in the docs.

Consortium Key has one bot for all chains. ETH, SOL, Arb, Base, Blast, and Shibarium, all-in-one. To get started with a quick configuration read below:

Simple Steps:

  1. Join the bot channel Discord https://bit.ly/KeyIn and go to the Phoebe-Trading channel

  2. Go to setup -> wallet setup, and generate/import a wallet

  3. Go to setup -> profile setup, and edit your default to have the settings you want to transact with

  4. Enjoy Trading with the most flexible suite around!


Consortium's Discord also offers a range of bot commands and token alerts to help keep in touch with the market and asses token viability.

  1. Simply head to the bot-commands channel, paste a contract address for any supported chain, and select the command type youre interested in!

For more detailed setup, instructions, information, etc. head to one of the following pages:

🛠ī¸pageBot Setup↔ī¸pageTrading & Managing Positions📈pageLimit OrdersđŸĒžpageCopy Trading / MimicđŸŽ¯pageSnipingđŸŽŗpageAuto Entry⏰pageAlerts & Commands


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