🤝Consortium Partner Program

Consortium is now offering our advanced bots, commands, alerts, etc. to be integrated into any Discord server! Below details the benefits and setup process!

We provide a free/fee-based Phoebe Swapbot and token alerts, bot commands, etc. for free in ANY server! There's nothing to do or pay for to integrate, simply just to have the channels and bot setup in your server! All hosting, technical costs, support, etc. is handled by our team!


  • Any of our Token Lifecycle alerts, which include New Pairs, Trading Open, and Liquidity Lock alerts feeds within your server (not including Consortium Moon Monitors)

  • Full use of Phoebe (our swap bot) in your server, which includes ETH, ARB, and SHIB support (more EVMs tba), block 0 sniping, wallet mimicking/copying, limit orders/stop losses, etc.

  • Can work to potentially integrate Phoebe buttons into token alerts you already have

  • Full use of our bot commands, token simulations, information, holder analysis, etc.

  • Earn a % of fees earned from ALL users who register in your server and use Phoebe


  • You would just add the bot/channels you want to your server, and that's basically it (we would work with your tech team/server lead to integrate that)


  • we handle all costs, technical support, etc. 0 work for you beyond initial integration

If this is something you're interested in, please head to our Discord, and open a ticket then provide details about your server!

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