Here are some relevant links that may prove useful to you on your shitcoining journey.
​Consortium Key OS - To open the doors to our custom shitcoining alerts, tools, and community, get a key from this link then verify in our Discord!
​New Pairs - The means for watching tokens launch in real time outside of the Consortium server. Best practice is to use our alerts and New Pairs together.
​Multicharts - Great way to track charts for the tokens you are holding.
​Zerion - A great tool for checking wallet balances for tokens. This is how I track the value of what I hold.
​ - Can be used to check token taxes and if its a honeypot or not. Not always accurate. Can falsely report taxes, say good tokens are scams, or say scam tokens are good. Its better than nothing though.
​Team Finance - Liquidity Locker, can be used to check lock duration if a token used their service (can be seen from liquidity lock transaction in deployer wallet).
​Unicrypt - Another liquidity locker like the above.
​PinkSale - Another liquidity locker like team finance.