Profile Recommendations

This page outlines some recommended profile configurations for different chains or types of transacting!

ETH Standard Buying

  • On ETH I use flashbots, so I'm happy to set the slippage and low tax slippage to 250% each

  • I don't mind having confirmation on so I can see the transaction before i send it, but this will add an extra click when transacting, so remove that for less clicks when buying

  • I use this gas because I want to ensure I get a quick entry. The priority is a fixed amount at 25, while the max fee remains relative to the market gas price

ETH Limit Orders

  • Limit orders can be extremely competitive, so I use extremely high gas (2000,200) as you can see

  • I also don't want to get in too late on a limit order, so I lower my slippage to 80%

Base/EVM Profiles

  • On Base/EVM chains, I turn off MEV protection as I prefer faster transactions at the expense of risking a sandwich

  • Because I have MEV disabled, I also lower my slippage to ~15%, and low tax slippage similarly

  • On these chains I run a standard gas of ~100% , this can be increased significantly too without problem given that the gas is so cheap on those chains

Solana Profile

  • On SOL, I turn ON MEV protection, as it helps transactions go through regardless of SOL's unreliability

  • Because I have MEV enabled, I raise my slippage to ~50%, and low tax slippage similarly

  • When using MEV on SOL it's recommended to use gas with a fixed priority to ensure transaction success. The way I have it configured in the above image will use .05 SOL as the priority fee, always. You can lower this if that is too high for you, but there's potential for the tx's to fail. Something like 150%,.02 could work still no problem.

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