Liquidity Lock

Consortium's Liq-Locked Coins channel notifies when a token has finally locked or burned its liquidity! It provides updated token information including the lock provider, duration, etc.

The Liquidity Lock channel in Consortium is similar to the prior token lifecycle alert channels, but is triggered by the coin locking or burning liquidity. This helps filter out many of duds/rugs that never even make it to the locking step. When a coin does eventually lock, or burns liquidity, you will see an alert like the following:

As you can see, under "owner" the alert specifies the lock provider, amount of LP locked, and "unlock" details the duration of the lock. Often, by the time coins lock they will also be verified, and have more information/links/etc available than in most prior alerts.

The lock provider, duration, etc. a coin chooses to employ can make a significant difference in the viability of the coin. For example, Pinksale liquidity locks are almost all rugs with extremely few exceptions - seeing a coin lock with Pinksale is an immediate fade for me. The outlier Pinksale coins that survive dont change the strategy that should be used when making rules for yourself about aping (that should be based on probabilities and likelihoods using given information).