Trading Open

Trading Open is the name for our channel that alerts when a coin becomes available to trade/buy. It aims to provide all the relevant info needed at launch to decide if the coin has potential or not.

When a coin hits our Trading Open channel, this means that it is finally open for trading. We run advanced simulations to detect max wallet limits, transaction limits, etc. and provide that in a comprehensive alert like the following:

The information for this alert comes from the first block of trading available, so the holders, buyers, and sellers you see are all those who transacted in that first block.

As you can see, from this alert you can immediately see the max limits for wallets and/or transactions, as well as a variety of other relevant info. If buying from this alert, our Phoebe bot will automatically know the max tx/wallet limits and adjust your purchase to match it if your ape amt is > the limit. You can also purchase using a specific token % (eg. 0.5%) in the token amt. field.

When you see "TD" on max wallet you can just use max tx, TD stands for transfer delay, there is a delay between buys put in place, preventing multiple buys at once. Otherwise, you will see the "max wallet" and "max transaction" limits on each pair.

You can also see any relevant information, links, etc. available from the token contract (if it is verified). Trading Open can be a wonderful place to watch and trade from, but is completely unfiltered - so most coins in there never survive! For those that do though, there's no better possible entry point (outside of sniping).