Consortium offers a completely novel system for organizing your tokens into different folders, both manually or automatically based on things like chain, sector, etc!

Tags (aka Folders) are a way to organize tokens you've added to Consortium into separate folders so you can better keep track of your current positions, watchlists, etc. Organize your cat coins into a folder, or AI plays, or SOL coins, old coins you've sold, current coins you're in, etc. - whatever you can imagine!

Think of the Token Dashboard like your Email inbox. Everything in the bot will show in the tokens dashboard if you don't have a tag selected. From there, you can add Tags to any coins to group them together! To view that grouping, you simply select "Tags", choose which grouping you want to view, and then go to the token Dashboard again (will show below as well)

The Token Dashboard will display the tokens from whatever Tag you currently have selected (or display all of your tokens if you have none selected)

Setting Up Tags/Folders:

  1. Head to your Tokens Dashboard and select "Tags"

  2. Click "Create", then name your Tag (folder) and choose if you want it to be manually curated or automatically (auto for auto organization based off of chain)

    1. If you selected manual, choose the coins that you would like to be added to this Tag (you can click "edit" to add more coins to your Tags at any point

  3. Select the Tag you created to enable it (you will see a green circle next to the name of whichever Tag you have enabled), and then head back to your Token Dashboard!

  4. Now the Tokens you see from the Tokens Dashboard will be the ones from the Tag you made/selected! To see all of the tokens added to the bot, deselect any Tag. To see coins from a different Tag/Group, simply enable it from the Tag menu and head back to the Dashboard!

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