Partnership Bot Setup

  1. First add Phoebe to your server:

Click to invite the bot to your server. By default, she needs no global permissions.

  1. After you invite Phoebe in, create these channels:

Consortium Key (Category Name)

  • β” x-phoebe-trading

  • β” x-bot-commands

  • β” x-new-coins

  • β” x-trading-open

  • β” x-liq-locked-coins

  • β” x-liq-burned-coins

  1. Give Phoebe the following permission for each channel:

  • view channel

  • send messages

  • embed links

  • attach files

  • add reactions

  • read message history

    • (All other permissions should be on red, only the above ones need to be green)

    From here everything else can be set with Phoebe admin dashboard by using the command:

  1. Click "Trading System" it will show the instructions to how to setup theβ” x-phoebe-trading channel (Please follow steps from instructions). To summon check where it says to use /phoebepublic to summon it.

  1. Click "Command System" to select the β” x-bot-commands channel.

  1. Click "Alerts System" to input the Channel ID of each channel that you created and Alerts ID (if you want to get a role ping)

  1. To make sure and check everything was set just use "Check Permissions" ; It should look like the below image.

  1. After you have completed the above steps, channels are ready to open for your holders.

To open to holders, you need to give them this permission:

  • To open to holders, you need to give them this permission:

    • Commands Room(s) channel needs: View Channel / Send Messages / Read Message

    • History Trading Room & Alert Room channels need: View Channel / Read Message History

And that's it! After this, you should have all of the required permissions and configurations for the Consortium Suite to operate in your server!

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