🔒Locks (Points)

You can earn Locks (points) through Consortium simply by trading with us on any chain and referring people! This page details how.

Locks are the point system of the Consortium Ecosystem. By engaging in different activities you can earn Locks, which will later be used for redacted.


There are several ways to earn Locks:

  • Trade using Consortium Key on either Discord or Telegram, on ANY of our supported chains, and earn! Every $1000 of volume you trade will earn you 1 lock

  • Signing up for consortium using someone else's referral code will earn you 5 bonus Locks!

  • For every user who follows your Consortium referral link and does $1000 of volume, you'll earn 3 bonus Locks!

Checking your Locks:

Right now, to check your locks you simply head to the "settings" within the Consortium Key telegram bot. Your Lock balance will update weekly to reflect your volume-based Lock earnings.

A comprehensive Lock earnings dashboard will eventually be available, allowing you to track your referrals & earnings with ease!

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