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📈Consortium Momentum

The Consortium Momentum is a momentum oscillator inspired by the famous Jewel Lite from Eric Krown. This indicator helps traders identify trends and define entry and exit points.

The oscillator is made up of three different segments: light green and blue means volatility is expanding and when the line turns white, the volatility is contracting and the trend will potentially change or the chart will rest before the next significant move.

Adjust these levels to the currency you are watching:

  • Between 38.2 and 61.8 levels contraction rarely suggests trend change.

  • When the oscillator reaches below 21.4 or above 78.6, it usually means the price had a good run and will likely retrace or move sideways for a short period of time.

Always use the indicator in confluence with general TA, PA and other indicators before deciding to enter or exit a trade!