📈Limit Orders

Consortiums limit orders can be used to buy or sell tokens automatically at predetermined market caps! It also can be used as a stop-loss system!

Our limit order system is the fastest & most accurate on the market, and is extremely easy to configure! Free users can utilize 4 different limits at once, while Elite users can have unlimited. Limit orders are only available on ETH pairs right now.

Setting Limit Orders in Telegram:

  1. To configure a limit order for a token, simply paste the contract address and then select "Limit Buy" or "Limit Sell". Select the Profile you want to use, specify the amount you would like to transact, then set the market cap you would like your limit to trigger at.

  2. To check and/or edit your limits, click "Algos" from any menu, then "Limits", and select the order you would like to see/change.

  3. From there you can edit the market cap trigger, amount transacted, expiration/duration of the order, enable/disable it, or change the profile the limit will be using!

Limit sells can also be placed with Consortium below the current token price to act as a stop loss (a price that, when crossed, your position sells to protect your downside/ensure you don't get stuck holding to 0).

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