Telegram Scraper/Alerts

There are countless Telegrams dedicated to shilling tokens. Most aren't awesome, but some are, & understanding what most callers are looking at is a great metric for assessing viability.

To save the trouble of needing to find different telegram callers individually, follow them, turn alerts on, pay attention to tg, etc. We have built a way to compile all the best Telegrams right into the Consortium server.

When a token is mentioned by one of our tracked Telegram groups, the message is shared right here within the server, along with relevant info about that token - as you can see from the image below:

You can also see how often that token has been mentioned in the last 24 hours to get a feel for how popular/shilled it is under the "Mentions" section. Many of the biggest mooning tokens get shilled hard by Telegram channels.

Consortium Key holders can also go to our bot-commands channel and issue the "!mentions (or !m) contractaddress (or tokenname)" like in the below image to see how many times a token has been mentioned, by who, and at what market cap they mentioned it.

With both of these types of alerts, Phoebe will also allow you to quickly buy or sell the token being mentioned, right from within the discord server.

If you have a telegram call channel you would like included in our tracking/alerts database, you can use the Consortium's tracking-submission channel to provide us with a link for review/addition.