Bot/Token Commands

Using Consortium, users can call a variety of bot-commands that each provide insights into token health, safety, and viability. This page outlines how you can utilize these in the Discord server!

There are a few server commands that Phoebe can use too! These can all be used with a token address, or with a token name. You can also just type the first letter of the bot command, vs. typing the whole word (eg. !sim vs !s, !m vs !mentions, etc) Server commands:

  • When sending just a contract address, Phoebe will send a summary alert with some relevant info about a coin, and buttons to view the rest of the alert-types for that coin

  • To run an advanced contract simulation/honeypot check that also provides info about current holders, use **: !sim (this will only work on v2 pairs with not too many tx's) or !s

  • To check how many calls a coin has gotten from our tracked tg channels: !calls CA , OR !calls <$ticker> (can also just do !m for either of these)

  • To check information on a tokens holders like the amount they each hold, hit !h contractaddress/name

  • To pull up a shitcoin chart: !c name/contractaddress <m/h/d> . eg: !c pepe 4h or !c contractaddress.

  • To pull up a big-cap coinchart: !b tokenname <m/h/d> . eg: !c btc 4h

Sending a contract address in any Consortium-Enabled Server will provide you will a quick glance at some relevant info about the token, like the below screenshot. From there, you can select any of the buttons/alert types on it to see an expanded view of the token's details.

Clicking "info", or typing "!i tokenaddress/tokenname" will prompt an alert with all of the relevant info related to that token, it looks like the following screenshot. From there you can see previous contracts made by the deployer, top holders, funding sources, and much more

Token !sim commands look like this, and are extremely accurate with tax data and holders ability to transact. Using !sim you can get a general picture of the types of wallets in a coin, where dev tokens have gone to, accurate tax info, and an actual simulation testing to see if wallets holding are able to sell. (eg. when a coin blacklists users it wont show as a honeypot on !hp because it technically isn't, !sim will show though that x amt of wallets are unable to sell)

!m commands, or clicking "calls", will prompt an alert like the below one, showing you if a token has been called on telegram, by whom it has been called, when it was called, if price is up from the call or down, as well as a myriad of other information.