📈Limit Orders

Consortium's limit orders are the fastest & most accurate on the market, this outlines how to use them! Free users can utilize 4 different limits at once, while Elite users can have unlimited.

Our limit order system is the fastest & most accurate on the market, and is extremely easy to configure!

Limit sells can also be placed with Consortium below the current token price to act as a stop loss (a price that, when crossed, your position sells to protect your downside/ensure you don't get stuck holding to 0).

Setting Limit Orders in Discord:

One way to configure a Limit Order with Phoebe is by simply pasting a token address to prompt a summary alert for that coin like the below image:

Right from any token alert, or the main Phoebe Trading channel, simply click "Limit Buy" or "Limit Sell" to configure your limit! The following menu will appear after clicking one of them:

When configuring your limit, you can choose your target price/market cap in one two ways:

  • Specify a market cap by # (eg. 500000)

  • Specify a target using % relative to current price (100% will set the limit at 2x increase from the current price)

Besides that, you simply define the amount of ETH/Tokens you want to buy or sell, the token address (if configuring from the Phoebe Trading pg), and hit submit! After that your order will be set!

You can check your limit orders by going to Phoebe Trading menu and selecting "Limit Tasks", where you will see a menu like the following:

Alternatively, you can also view the limits you have configured for each individual coin on their actual graph as well! Head to Phoebe channel, select start, and choose the coin you have configured Limit Orders for. Phoebe will display a graph for you with those limits visualized, like the following:

It is important to note that the accuracy and speed that your order will fill is defined by your Gas and Slippage. Limit orders, especially on hyped coins, can be extremely competitive - meaning that without sufficient gas + slippage, you will not get an optimal fill.

I recommend using at least 250%,50 gas with Phoebe to ensure that your orders fill in the best place possible - when configured properly, Phoebe is both the most accurate and quickest limit order system that exists in the space.

Free & Standard Bot subscription users have access to 4 limit orders at any one time, while Elite Degens have access to unlimited limits.

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