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Manual Swapping/Phoebe

At the bottom of our token alerts, you will notice a quick buy/sell option; this is Consortium's first ERC20 bot, Phoebe. Phoebe also has a dedicated channel for manual operation.
After you setup Phoebe, you can look at a notification at a token, assess its viability, and instantly buy or sell right from within our server - even from your phone!
To configure Phoebe, first head to our Wallet-Manager channel. From there, you can either enter the private key for a wallet you have created elsewhere, or can generate a fresh wallet right within the server!
Once you generate/import a wallet, head to the Phoebe-Quickswap channel and press setup. Click Wallet Setup and select the wallet you imported or generated. Afterwards you will be given the option to adjust multiple settings, as pictured below. These can always be changed later.
Auto Slippage Adjust (anti-sandwich): When enabled, Phoebe will now auto-lower slippage on low tax coins so users won't get sandwiched. Head to phoebe-quickswap -> setup -> Set Default Low Tax Slippage to choose what Phoebe will automatically adjust your tax to for one of these tokens. The % you put here is the max you can be sandwiched. If 8%, you can only lose 8% of your purchase
Change Transaction Method: Choose between normal transaction method, and flashbots. Flashbots will protect your transaction from Sandwiches, at the cost of slightly higher gas cost and less reliability. Failed flashbot tx's also wont charge gas. Head to the Gas, Slippage, Uniswap, and Flashbot page in this guide for more info
Change Chain Network: Choose which network you want to transact on with Phoebe. Right now, Phoebe supports ETH, Shibarium, and Arbitrum
Refresh Flashbot Signature: When using flashbots you build a reputation with miners. Good/successful tx's = good reputation and being accepted by miners with block priority. Bad/failed tx's from low gas, low slippage, etc. can give you a negative reputation and make your tx's be rejected by miners. If you notice this, you can reset your signature/reputation by clicking this button
Low Tax Slippage: When not using flashbots, Phoebe can automatically lower your slippage when buying/selling off a token alert that has the tax information and it is below 3% tax. (sandwich bots tend to not monitor pairs with higher tax than this as it isn't profitable). This setting will be the % slippage that Phoebe uses on pairs like that. If using flashbots, I just set the default low-tax slippage to the same as my default slippage as it is irrelevant.
Ape Mode: Enabling 'ape mode' in Phoebe's settings will allow one-click coin purchasing with 0 confirmation. It will use your preset default settings for a purchase in Phoebe, and instantly buy when you press the ape button under an alert.
Variable Ape Mode: if you head to phoebe-quickswap -> setup you should see "Setup Ape DCA Amt". This will change ape mode on tokens you already own to instead DCA this specified value if using Ape mode again, rather than using your default ape amount.
eg. You ape a token, it pumps hard and retraces, you want to DCA to add to your bag. with ape mode DCA on, it will change your 'ape mode' button to use the new specified amount (instead of your default ape value), letting you ape dips on the fly in just one click! (Phoebe will still auto adjust slippage to keep you from being sandwiched)
Variable ape mode also applies to when you are trying to purchase a token, but the maximum tokens per tx or per wallet is less than your purchase value. Phoebe will automatically adjust it so it to just purchase max wallet, ensuring a successful purchase.
Trading tokens: After configuration, if a token looks good and you want a quick initial entry, you can very easily press quick buy, enter the amount you would like to purchase, and confirm instantly - right from within Consortium's server. Or you could click the "ape" icon (if you have ape0mode enabled) and purchase your default amt in one click.
You can also purchase a specific amount of tokens instead of eth if it has max wallet/max transaction limits. You can put a token qty. or a % of supply you would like to purchase
Eg. There's a token with max wallet set to 2% (2,000,000,000 tokens). If you want to buy the full max wallet you input "2%" into "token amount". If you instead wanted only 0.5% supply wallet (1,000,000,000 tokens) you could put "0.5%" in this field.
Phoebe can also be used to trade any token contract address in the Phoebe-Quickswap channel. Using Phoebe in this manner is as quick and easy as hitting start, buy, and then entering the contract and qty. you would like to purchase in the prompt. Simply submit, and the coin has been bought!
Managing a position, checking profit and loss, total cost, etc. can all be done from within the Phoebe-quickswap channel as well. Just navigate to the channel, hit start, then select the coin you purchased from the drop down. In just a few seconds, you will be presented with a menu like the following one, from which you can see the chart, sell tokens, check your profits, and more!
There are a few server commands that Phoebe can use too! These can all be used with a token address, or with a token name (!c can only be used with contract address for memecoins right now) Server commands:
  • To pull up a chart: !c <m/h/d> eg: !c btc 4h or !c btc
  • **To run an advanced contract simultaion/honeypot check that also provides info about current holders, use **: !sim (this will only work on v2 pairs with not too many tx's) or !s
  • Sending just a contract address in bot-commands will also send a summary alert with some relevant info about a coin, and buttons to view the rest of the alert-types for that coin
  • To check how many mentions a coin has gotten from our tracked tg channels: !mentions , !mentions , OR !mentions <$ticker> (can also just do !m for any of these)
Sending a contract address in the Consortium Server will provide you will a quick glance at some relevant info about the token, like the below screenshot. From there, you can select any of the buttons/alert types on it to see an expanded view of the token's details.
Token Summary alert
Clicking "info", or typing "!i tokenaddress/tokenname" will prompt an alert with all of the relevant info related to that token, it looks like the following screenshot. From there you can see previous contracts made by the deployer, top holders, funding sources, and much more
Token !sim commands look like this, and are extremely accurate with tax data and holders ability to transact. Using !sim you can get a general picture of the types of wallets in a coin, where dev tokens have gone to, accurate tax info, and an actual simulation testing to see if wallets holding are able to sell. (eg. when a coin blacklists users it wont show as a honeypot on !hp because it technically isn't, !sim will show though that x amt of wallets are unable to sell)
Phoebe Token Simulation
!m commands, or clicking "calls", will prompt an alert like the below one, showing you if a token has been called on telegram, by whom it has been called, when it was called, as well as a myriad of other information.