Consortium Membership Tiers

There are three tiers to membership within the Consortium. The free level is available to all, & there's additional levels of features based on ownership of a Key & the subscription tier you choose!
Below is an image of the different membership tiers within The Consortium, and their corresponding level of access to tools/alerts. All of Consortium's partners have access to everything in the Free tier within their servers!
Unlike other products, there are ZERO trading fees when using our bots as a KeyHolder with the Elite membership. If you are utilizing the Free tier, there is simply a 1% tx fee on buys/sells made using the bot!
Consortium Feature Infographic
To get started understanding our alerts & configuring the tools, head to the following page:
To learn more about the tiers to Consortium membership, read on!
The first level is simply joining and using our tools for free! This gives you access to our token lifecycle alerts, swap-bot Phoebe, limit orders, wallet copy-trading, token simulations, commands, & more! This is also available to you if you are in any of Consortium's Partner Discords!
If you decide to purchase a Key, you'll also gain access to the private holders chat, filtered token alerts, trading scripts, market analysis, airdrop analysis & more! You'll also have the ability to join the Elite Tier membership for additional features & feeless trading!
The highest tier of access is the Elite tier subscription, which is .25e/mo or 2.5e/yr - again, there are ZERO trading fees beyond this subscription price.
In the following pages, we will outline each of the available features within the Consortium!