đŸĒžCopy Trading / Mimic

Consortium provides the ability to copy trade any wallet on ETH, with a variety of variables you can edit for your targets.

Copytrading is as powerful as it is risky! Free users can mimic 3 wallets, & Elites unlimited. Mimic is only available on ETH right now.

Telegram Mimic Configuration:

  1. Click "Algos" to head to the Automations Dashboard, and select "Mimic".

  2. To create a new mimic target, simply click "Create Mimic Order", name the target, & enter the wallet address.

  3. Select the target from your Mimic Dashboard to further edit your mimic settings. There's a variety of customization when configuring your mimic targets.

    1. "Buys Enabled" will toggle whether or not you follow the target wallet's purchases.

    2. "Buy Amount" can be a fixed eth amount, or a % if you want to base your ape amount off of your target (eg. if you have 50% there and they ape 1e, you will ape .5e)

    3. ">1 Buys" when enabled will buy additional times if the target wallet does. If disabled, it will only mimic their initial buy and no subsequent ones

    4. "Sells Enabled" toggles whether or not you want to mimic the target's sells as well as buys.

    5. "Sell Amount" will determine what % of your bag you sell when they sell. 100% and you will sell your whole bag when they do. 50% and you would only sell half your bag even if they sell 100%.

    6. "Filter > MC" is a threshold market cap where beyond you will not mimic your target. eg. if you only want to mimic your target on coins sub 200k, you just input 200000 to this filter

    7. "Profile" will allow you to select what profile you use when mimicking. You could have a unique mimic profile with it's own wallets and settings if you would like

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