💨Auto-Entry/AFK Mode

Consortium's Auto-Entry/AFK Mode is essentially an Auto-Ape Mode. You can (manually or automatically) forward messages to the bot and have them be auto-purchased.

The basic use case for AFK mode is you forward a telegram message to Phoebe on TG and it'll auto-ape that for you based on the profile you selected for that chain type. The feature works across all chains that support spot orders.

To make it truly AFK mode marry it with a signals/alerts bot you like and use an autoforwarding bot like @tg_feedbot to connect the signals/alerts bot to the Phoebe.

To make it truly truly AFK mode turn on an exit strategy for the profile you select and you'll be 100% hands free (only on chains that support our limit orders, but those are about to be ... many).

Note: When AFK Mode is Activated, it will automatically ape any coin/contract the bot is sent - so make sure to deactivate it any time you want to only manually trade/purchase something

Configuring AFK Mode:

  1. Head to your Settings Dashboard and select "AFK"

  2. Edit your EVM or SVM Settings

    1. Select a Profile to use in AFK Mode

    2. Select "AFK" again from the Dashboard and Activate AFK Mode

Done! Now when a token is sent to the bot, it will automatically ape it using the default Profile settings you attached to AFK Mode!

If there is an Exit Strategy attached to the Profile, that will be automatically applied to any purchases AFK mode makes, giving you a completely hands-off experience of purchasing and scaling out of a token.

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