Wallet Tracking

Elites have access to the fastest & most accurate wallet tracking that exists, with the ability to transact off of the alert using Phoebe. There is zero limit to the amount of wallets Elites can track
Consortium wallet tracking is designed to be as efficient, fast, and informative as possible. Elite Degens have access to their own private guilds/alert channels where this wallet tracking can be configured and monitored completely privately. Once configured, the alerts you will receive will look like this:
Example wallet tracking alert
If you have an Elite guild and alert channel, you can type !L (no need to be capital L) in your alert channel to pull up a list of commands used for configuring the wallet tracking! The following image shows that:
Wallet tracking setup
Setup is extremely easy, and can be adjusted at your discretion. Again, there are zero limits to the amount of wallets that an Elite can track - ensuring maximum visbility of what is happening in the market
Consortium does not provide wallets to track, it is up to the user to find their own wallets they want to track and do so.