Elite-Only Channels

The Elite Tier subscription is the highest access tier within the Consortium. It comes with a variety of benefits, features, alerts, etc!
Elite Consortium Channels:
After receiving your Elite Degen role, you will gain access to several Elite-Only consortium channels:
  • Elite-Hall is similar to Degen-Hall, a place for only Elites to discuss coins, trading, features, feedback, etc.
  • Elite Bot Commands is the same thing as normal bot commands, but again only viewable by other elites
  • Ticket For Council will allow you to open a high-priority ticket for us council to review directly
  • The Elite Alerts category houses any elite-specific alerts, which right now includes the Elite-Observer; Elite Observer is the same as the normal observer, but gets alerts 1 minute faster than non-elites. In the future the category will include new Elite-Only alerts too.